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Who We Are

Our mission at CCT is to ensure your child gets the best training possible in singing, acting and dancing.

We understand that learning the skills of musical theater will give children amazing tools they can use in life. It teaches them to know themselves and to embrace who they are as individuals. It teaches them about truth, and its importance in life. It teaches them about trust and connection. Most importantly, however, it teaches them that hard work and proper training can enable them to do things they never imagined they could do! And, as they continue to study, they learn that they can do these things with much skill and much confidence. Guiding a child through this process is never anything less than thrilling and inspirational. We, at CCT, know what an honor it is to lead your child through this process and we promise to do our best to help your child succeed and enjoy every step of the way.

With classes in Evergreen, Denver, Highlands Ranch, and Stapleton, Colorado Children's Theatre has been transforming the minds of our students since 2003.

In addition to a full musical theater performance at the end of each year, we instill confidence in our students, giving them the power to tackle real world problems. CCT limits class sizes so that every student can have lines, a solo, and a more personalized education.

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Company, ladies and gentlemen! Dang these kids are singing great!!

Contact Us

(303) 359-6380

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