Voice and Acting Private Lessons

Karen Tobey has been teaching voice for over four decades, has directed over 78 productions of full-length musicals and has had over a 100 students break into show business while under her tutelage. Most of those students are still professional actors and/or singers today, some of them very famous.

Karen’s lessons are 30-45 minutes in length with a minimum of two lessons a month and a maximum of 3 lessons a month, as one week a month she teaches in LA or New York. Karen’s lessons are $75/half hour.

Whether you need to prepare for an audition or you would like to have the techniques needed to excel at anything you do in theatre or film, you may contact Karen at (818) 216-9172.

Dance Privates

Kerri Monnerat is an award winning choreographer, who has been choreographing musical theatre professionally since she was 16 years old. Training with some of the best dancer teachers in Los Angeles. Boston and New York, We have a saying at CCT, lovingly made up for the children in an Elite Company who had been together for 8 years… “If Kerri can teach Johnny to dance, she can teach ANYBODY!” (Johnny, of course, is not his real name, but he totally and happily agreed!)

Kerri’s lessons are 30-45 minutes in length with a maximum of two lessons a month. Kerri’s lessons are $50/half hour.