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“I wanted to say thanks for your work with our daughter. She was absolutely *shining* with confidence. I love seeing her so happy and comfortable in front of a group. Your good work is going to serve her for a lifetime. You are very appreciated!”

 “The Highest Quality Instruction in Voice and Acting “

Winner-Best Acting School 2016

Winner-Best Children’s Theatre Productions 2016

Winner-Top 5 Children’s Theatre 2016

  Former students include: Academy Award Winner, Brie Larson, 2 Time Golden Globe Nominee, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Academy Award Nominee, Juliette Lewis, Drake Bell, Lalaine, Johnny (JBlaze) Erasme, Chelsea Brummet and many more 



“You have made such a difference in L’s life.  You’ve given her one of her passions! And you bring her so much joy each week.  We are forever grateful to you.”


“Karen is amazing!!! Sarah had her very first voice lesson today. She loved it. She’s waking on air. Thank you!”


“This is completely more than we asked for. Thank You!”


“Thank you for putting on a lovely camp.  You seem to understand my daughter so well.  I was so pleased”